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Beside all my new climbers (and old ones), I sink a clear plastic water bottle, with the bottom cut off and the top facing down (remove the cap first). Filled with water, this acts as a sump for a twice-weekly watering. 

 Before planting new trees and shrubs, I soak the pot and root ball, then fill the planting hole with water and only plant once this has drained away, using a good compost with either fish blood and bone or Growmore added. If plants are stressed they appreciate these extra nutrients. 

After planting I dig a shallow trench around the outside edge of the hole to conserve water exactly where I want it instead of having it running everywhere. I mound up compost inside this and around the plant to keep the soil around the roots moist. 

I plant up my containers on the next Bank Holiday. All my terracotta pots are round and each has a large terracotta saucer beneath to hold water. 

Last year I planted about five semi-mature trees with big root balls: four Acer Campestre (field maple) and one Prunus 'Taihaku’ (great white cherry). In their first year after planting, every week until late autumn, all of them were given two large buckets of water no matter whether wet or dry. This year they are leafing up beautifully and I am sure that the regular watering routine is responsible.