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Annual weeds produce thousands of seeds. They are carried in the wind, by people and animals and each seed develops into more weeds. To break this cycle, don't ever allow annual weeds to go to seed. 

With all this hot weather it would be a good idea to increase the amount of time you spend watering the garden. And don’t forget to feed the plants and lawn with suitable feeds.  

The best time to pick flowers from your garden is in the early morning. For longer lasting arrangements, use a clean container, change your water daily and cut the tip off the stems every few days. 

Deadhead and lightly prune roses regularly throughout the summer. Prune a small amount off the stem after each flower has finished encouraging more blooms. 

Keep a close eye out for rust. Rust is a fungal disease that causes orange spots on leaves. If you see signs of rust, make sure to remove and destroy the infected areas of your plant. This disease spreads quickly so be careful not to drop infected cuttings on the soil. 

If your annual bedding plants are looking a bit sad then dead head them, and give them a boost by feeding them with a tomato based fertiliser. Pick up all leaves and faded flowers and add them to the compost. These are a favourite hiding spot for slugs and snails.