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As with all gardens, planting is probably the most important item. Before you go ahead with any planting make sure your ground is fully prepared and the soil is the correct balance for the plants you intend to grow, i.e. Camellia will only grow successfully in lime free soil. 

Another aspect is shade or full sun. Even partial sun! There are many instances of this, so my fully qualified team can give you expert advice on where and when to plant. If your garden is very large and there are lots of different aspects, you may want to consider a planting plan. A member of my team can meet with you and go through everything very carefully to make sure all your plants are correctly positioned. A plan to scale will be produced to give you an exact idea of what your dream garden will look like afterwards. 

Remember a £200 shrub or tree now can become a £2000 shrub or tree in very little time with a little care and attention.