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1. Regular Cuts - Not Too Short! One of the absolute essentials is not to cut your grass too short: we tend to do this a lot in the UK and all you do is end up with a brown lawn. Do cut it regularly, though. Invest in a good mower with a wide range of adjustable heights that will allow you to get the length of your grass just right. 

2. Let it Breathe In the spring and autumn, aerate your lawn. You can buy an aerator or use a garden folk – stick it in the soil give it a wiggle. (Do this 6 times per square meter) Aeration releases the compaction in the soil which allows water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. 

3. Keep it Clean Once again in spring and autumn, scarify your lawn with either a special machine you can hire or a spring-tined rake. You will be scraping away the dead grass and moss- the “thatch” and it is hard work! You will need to be vigorous about it. Again with all that debris out of the way you are LETTING THE LAWN BREATH AGAIN. 

4.    Feed the Grass I am a huge fan of organic liquid grass feed. You can use pellet fertilizer but if it does not rain after you have applied the chemicals it can damage the lawn. (Scorching) I always tend to use half the recommended dose and that way you get a green lawn without it growing excessively. 

5.   Keep it Simple Have a lawn that is actually the right size for you. As many of us get older and wealthier we tend to have bigger and bigger lawns that eventually become a millstone and spoil our enjoyment of them. A more modest size lawn does not require as much time and work and you can use the extra space for the beauty of a flower garden.