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Landscaping in itself is an art form and therefore should be undertaken by a qualified landscaper

Landscaping is going to be expensive and you are only likely to do it once. It is therefore essential you get it right first time. Here are a few simple tips that should get you on the right track. 

Always have a plan, (even if it is only a pencil sketch). It will help to make sure everything you had thought about goes in the correct place and will help if there are any disputes with the landscaper. 


It has become more and more common over the last few years during this so called recession for building companies to turn their hands to landscaping. 

Although in essence a lot of building skills are needed in landscaping the two trades are completely different. Examples of this are 

1.) Would you ever consider having a lawn or paving inside your house? 

2.) Would you ever want to install an irrigation system for your inside house plants? 

There are many more examples but I am sure you can think of them yourselves now I have pointed out a couple. 

I have been to too many a client who has asked the builder to do some landscaping (maybe through convenience as he has just built the extension) and the end product is far from desirable and then I am called in to put things right which costs even more money on an already expensive project.