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Benefits of Mulching 

Mulching involves spreading a layer of organic matter around the base of plants, shrubs trees and beds. It is extremely easy to do and brings many benefits to your gardens. 

Why Mulch? 

A simple layer around the base of your plants can help protect your garden from changing weather conditions and give your plants the boost they need this spring.

• Frost protection for roots - layering around the base of the plant will insulate and protect the root ball during freezing conditions and heavy frosts. 

• Protection from weathering due to heavy rain - heavy rain washes fine silt and vital minerals and nutrients from the soil. A layer of organic matter can help reduce and replace these losses. • Reduced soil erosion - wind, rain and raking in the garden, all result in topsoil loss. Mulching can provide a protective layer above your valuable topsoil.

• Increase concentration of worms - worms will be attracted to areas of the garden rich in organic matter where they will feed and deposit highly nutritious worm castings. 

• Worms pull compost down to soil - as worms feed on the organic matter around the root ball they will take the compost deep down into the soil making it more quickly available to the plant roots. 

• Feed for topsoil - fine particles in the organic matter will work down into topsoil improving its nutrient levels and structure. 

• Reduced moisture loss in Summer - a cap of organic matter on the surface of the soil can protect the topsoil from drying out and cracking in the direct sun. 

• Weed Suppression.- mulching can help smother and suppress the growth rate of weeds, reducing garden maintenance.